Totora horses

At present, the Caballitos de Totora are considered as Cultural Heritage of the Nation. They are typical boats made more than three thousand years ago with stems and leaves of cattail. These are located in the beautiful historic resort of Huanchaco in the city of Trujillo.
These small and light boats fulfilled multiple functions that evolved over time. They were mainly used as a tool for artisanal fishing, as well as as an instrument for survival.
The Caballitos de totora are made up of 4 parts. Two of them, the longest, are called "mothers" while the remaining two, smaller but thicker, are called "sons." In such a way that the fisherman and his assistant are gathering and tying them one on the other until the manufacture of the boat is completed and they go to sea almost immediately. The use of these boats is usually complemented with an oar, generally made of "cane from guayaquil" split lengthwise.
According to tradition, the fisherman who cannot load his raft should not enter the sea, since he would not be able to control it. In fact, mastering these boats is not an easy task, it takes a lot of skill, balance and at the same time strength in the arms to direct the row.
It should be noted that for three thousand years its design has not changed. In addition, it is known that since the time of the Mochicas they were used (200 AD). Today, both Bolivians and Peruvians still use them.